T-N: Dethero to run for Flat Rock Village Council seat

Longtime Flat Rock resident David Dethero is seeking a seat on the Village Council this year, running on a platform of fiscal conservatism and accessibility.

Dethero has filed for the District 3 seat held by Councilman John Dockendorf, who did not file for re-election. Hilton Swing has also filed for the seat.

Dethero has been a resident of Flat Rock for nearly five decades and has been involved in both St. John in the Wilderness Church and Historic Flat Rock Inc. He said he was a supporter of the mid-1990′s effort to incorporate the village. This effort led to securing Flat Rock’s individuality within the county and protecting its historic uniqueness.

“Having been a full-time resident of the Flat Rock area for 48 years, I have an excellent insight into those who reside in our beautiful village,” Dethero said in a statement. “Yes, there are full-time residents and seasonal residents, some of whom have families who have been here for five or six generations. There are new members of our community as well, and I intend to represent all residents.”. . .


One thought on “T-N: Dethero to run for Flat Rock Village Council seat

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  1. I have recently become acquainted with Mr. Dethero. He seems to be a genuine man, with the best interest of Flat Rock in mind. No ego involvement. A humble man, a man for the time. Just what is needed on the Village Council.
    He has my full support.


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