T-N editorial: Roundabouts are here to stay

From today’s Times-News:

. . . It’s time for motorists to get used to traffic circles. DOT is planning more than 30 of them across Western North Carolina over the next five years, at interstate ramps, offset intersections, highway interchanges and other locations. . .

2 thoughts on “T-N editorial: Roundabouts are here to stay

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  1. From my experience in the UK and Ireland I found roundabouts were good, efficient replacements for traffic lights at intersections. But they only worked well with a fairly light traffic flow and had to be large enough to accommodate all size vehicles. I saw roundabouts In Ireland the size of garbage can lids and they were simply a circle of white paint on the macadam. People simple drove straight over them from all directions. There are some roundabouts near Dublin where, a few years after their construction, the traffic grew so heavy the government had to install traffic lights at them to control the flow. WARNING: With the tremendous population growth in this area, what works great in 2020 may be outdated in 2025.


  2. roundabouts are best in large areas and interstate intersections. They have been proved awkward in rural and and small town areas. New Jersey has learned that the hard way and is reversing the work they paid so much for. Traffic signals and well timed lights are so often the inexpensive way to best handle movement problems.
    In N.C. were are currently fortunate that NCDOT has recently run into a huge financial problem with the recent loss of a lawsuit re messing with folks property for years. For more info on that see the recent newspaper articles in the last week.


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