T-N letter to the editor: NCDOT projects

NCDOT projects

To the editor: “STOP! in the name of love” of the environment. If anyone has seen the devastation that has been caused by the N.C. Department of Transportation on Highway 225, he or she would be against any more of these projects.

Yes, I know that they say they are safer, but at what cost? All of the trees that were sacrificed so that they could build this monstrous, unnecessary road. It is huge, probably much bigger than was thought when the project was approved.

And to think that this could have been avoided, at a fraction of the cost in dollars and the clearing of all the vegetation, by using two timed stop lights!

Gloria Jaffe, Flat Rock

2 thoughts on “T-N letter to the editor: NCDOT projects

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  1. “If you build it they will come” heard an Iowa farmer in a well known novel. And now from the “high taxed” North-East states by the hundreds of thousand they come to stay in a soon to be “high taxed” Western North Carolina thanks to a massive infrastructure building explosion needed to accommodate the N-E one-way migrants. Just look at Asheville’s & Greenville’s highways in bad weather or at commuter time. This ain’t your grand-pappy’s Western North Carolina any more.


  2. With the Amazon forests burning, it is even more important to save our trees. After all, that’s where or oxygen comes from.


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