T-N letter to the editor: The Ecusta trail

The Ecusta Trail

To the editor: One of the things that attracted my wife and me to Hendersonville in 2016 was the proposed Ecusta Trail. We are encouraged to hear that a grant of $6.4 million has been approved for procuring the needed right-of-way.

We know that in the early stages of most rail trail projects, there are concerns from individuals and businesses that are along the planned route. We have biked thousands of miles on the Virginia Creeper and many other trails, and we have seen the positive impacts that these trails have on their communities.

You’ll see bike shops renting bikes, cyclists parked at breweries and restaurants, and new fitness centers.

Over the years, you also will notice the more personal impact that these trails have across the community. You will see families with kids in strollers and on bikes with training wheels; you will see senior citizens taking advantage of a safe place for their daily walk; you will see local sports teams training on the traffic-free miles; and you will see runners, walkers and dog walkers every day.

While many people from outside our communities will enjoy visiting the Ecusta Trail, those of us who live near the trail will be able to enjoy it every day!

Gerald and Mary Davis, Hendersonville

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