T-N letter to the editor: Objections to Highland Lake Road project

From today’s Times-News:

To the editor: I am opposed to the Highland Lake Road project for many reasons.

No. 1, the debacle we are currently have to endure on Greenville Highway. I doubt this project will be any better.

No. 2, the disregard of business, church and property owners impact.

No. 3, the actual need for such roadwork … not necessary; fix the corner perhaps but no need to straighten the road so cars and trucks can go faster. The bike path is a short ride to nowhere and I prefer trees left alone. The path to Sandburg Home is a pipe dream and again a future nightmare.

With those of similar views, please support Anne Coletta, Tom Carpenter, David Dethero.

Cathy Shields, Flat Rock

One thought on “T-N letter to the editor: Objections to Highland Lake Road project

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  1. Cathy Shields letter is spot on. The whole project is merely a political boondoggle and an attempt by some to exert their control over the majority. I say scrap the entire thing. It’s not necessary. As far as the “roundabout” under construction; it wasn’t necessary either. The traffic nightmare currently underway on Rutledge Road caused by the Greenville Highway construction is going to result in someone being seriously injured or worse. You can’t have constant high volumes of traffic, many huge juggernaught SUV or Pick-Up style vehicles, traveling on a curvy narrow road at 15 to 20 mph over the posted 35 mph limit without tempting the grim reaper to come a-calling.


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