T-N: Round 2: Council circles back to NCDOT on roundabouts

From the Times-News:

Hendersonville City Council offered no input Thursday regarding three roundabouts proposed for the south side of the city, instead requesting more information before making a decision.

Engineers from the N.C. Department of Transportation attended the council’s evening meeting to gather input on three roundabouts proposed along South Main Street, Kanuga Road and Willow Road, part of a larger project aimed to improve traffic in the area. . .

NCDOT Division 14 Engineer Jonathan Woodard gave council a presentation on the report and asked the city for direction on how to proceed with the three intersections:

South Church Street and South Main Street. . . NCDOT is asking whether the city wants the roundabout, and if they do, whether they would prefer the one-lane or two-lane option.

Willow Road and Hebron Road. . . NCDOT is asking whether the city would prefer the mini-roundabout or a traffic signal. A signal would require additional turning lanes, Woodard said.

Kanuga Road, White Street and Hebron Road: Perhaps the most controversial due to the number private properties affected, NCDOT would reroute Hebron Road and connect it to Kanuga Road and White Street with a roundabout, claiming Norm’s Minit Wash and affecting other nearby properties.

NCDOT recommends a single-lane roundabout for the new intersection, Woodard said, as it would offer improvements to safety and traffic flow, especially during off-peak times. But he said a traffic signal would also work. . .

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