Hendersonville Lightning: McGrady dubious about NCDOT bailout

From the Hendersonville Lightning:

The DOT is running out of money after hefty expenses in recent months. As a result, the House Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee voted Wednesday, Oct. 23, for two major funding initiatives, in a revamped version of H.B. 967. Some say the funding is necessary to avoid laying off 500-600 workers and delaying 900 different projects. Others suggest the funding issues resulted from poor management decisions.

First, the bill would transfer $360.2 million from the state’s general fund to help DOT cover Map Act settlements — long overdue payments to landowners whose properties were drawn into corridors for future roadways. Second, they approved a $301 million loan from the state’s savings reserve fund to help with projects delayed by pre-Dorian hurricane expenses.

Rep. John Torbett, R-Gaston, vigorously endorsed the funding, saying the DOT did its best to cover the costs as soon as it was obvious the funding would be depleted. Most other members also backed the bill.

Rep. Chuck McGrady, a Hendersonville Republican, questioned why no one had addressed the funding crisis earlier. .

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