Will N. Highland Lake Road be widened?

If the N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT project U-5887) is done, yes, the road overall will be wider. Each lane will remain 11 feet, but the overall roadbed is being widened, significantly in places. Right now the roadbed is 22 ft overall in Flat Rock (west of the railroad tracks) with the exception of the stacking lane at the intersection of N. Highland Lake Road and Greenville Highway.

This road project adds shoulders (approx 4-5 ft total), curb & gutter on the north side (approx. 1 ft), and a sidewalk/multiuse path (from 5 ft to 10 ft wide) along the length of the road in addition to any buffering that is needed between the multiuse path and the road.

At a minimum the road area will widen 10 ft to approx. 32 ft. That does not include the additional 11-ft lanes that will be added where turn lanes are to be installed, so in those areas the width will increase by at least an additional 11 ft.  In the area of the curve, where NCDOT will cut into the park, the paved road itself will be at least 42 ft wide from curb to curb, plus a 5-ft sidewalk on the south side and a 10-ft multiuse path on the north. The sidewalk on the south side is another path to nowhere, as it doesn’t connect to anything.

These figures are from NCDOT via emails and the NCDOT 75% plan, released this past June, which you can see here.

Reminder: NCDOT has said that the Flat Rock village council can vote to cancel this project anytime before construction starts (currently scheduled for Dec 2020). The village will not be responsible for any of the costs incurred so far by NCDOT, such as engineering designs, surveying, etc. 

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