T-N letter to the editor: Village healing

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Village healing

To the editor: The national political scene is so contentious and negative, and we have the very same thing going on here in the village of Flat Rock. The Highland Lake Road and multiuse path project has the citizens very divided and has created hard feelings for many.

I’m opposed to the project for many reasons: necessity, budget and further tax money spent, and overreach of council of property owners’ land.

But the major reason I am shocked and dismayed that the project is still being pushed through is the removal of the memorial trees of Pinecrest Church. I am not a member of the church and frankly do not follow a formal religion anymore, but how the council feels this project is so important as to disregard the meaning of the trees is mind-boggling to me. (It was stated by some members that if the church said no, it wouldn’t happen.) This is callous behavior and seen by all who live in our village.

What we need is listeners and communicators who are transparent in their policy. It’s with that said that I urge Flat Rock village residents to vote for Nick Weedman, Tom Carpenter, Anne Coletta and David Dethero. The village needs healing desperately, and I believe these folks are the candidates who will do just that.

Cathy Shields, Flat Rock

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