T-N letter to the editor: Pandora’s box

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Pandora’s Box

To the editor: As every commercial developer knows, infrastructure leads development. The North Highland Lake Road project will result in new traffic permits and heavier traffic.

Consider just a few clues: The project will increase the stacking lane for left-turning traffic onto Greenville Highway; it will create left turn lanes at Highland Lake Drive, Highland Park Road and the park entrance; and just like water, traffic always follows the path of least resistance.

Tom Carpenter, Anne Coletta and David Dethero understand the risks posed to Flat Rock residents and taxpayers. The risks include more than increased traffic: the dangerous precedent set by the taking of private property for nonessential uses; the costs resulting from maintenance of the new sidewalk and long multiuse path; the serious and widespread damage to our other roads while North Highland Lake Road is under “reconstruction” for two very long years (we’ve seen the damage to our roads due to diverted traffic during the construction of the new roundabout).

The road can be stopped! But to make it happen, Carpenter, Coletta and Dethero must win their seats in this Flat Rock Council election.

Mickey Derr, Flat Rock

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