T-N letter to the editor: A boondoggle

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

A boondoggle

“If you’re in a hurry, don’t move to Flat Rock,” said my cousin, Joe Carr from New Orleans. Our charming village is composed of descendants of early settlers and new families who came because they like it just like it is.

The current village council members are trying to destroy it in their misguided attempt to make it “better for people who will live here 20 years from now.”

They have contracted with DOT to widen North Highland Lake Road, even though DOT says there is not enough traffic to warrant the change. They want to put in bike paths, sidewalks and turn lanes, cutting down many trees, stealing part of our new park, and annexing much of Pinecrest Church’s property.

That will probably lead to the widening of 225, Rutledge Drive and Little River Road. Then we will have wide roads and turn lanes throughout Flat Rock. Everyone can drive fast but there won’t be any reason for them to stop because our charming village will be ruined.

To stop this boondoggle, vote for three new village council members, Tom Carpenter, Anne Coletta and David Dethero. They all love Flat Rock and will listen to their constituents’ wishes.

Sally Hughes, Flat Rock

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