T-N letter to the editor: Church and state

From today’s Times-News letters to the editor:

Church and state

Sometimes people feel only the “big” elections are important. All elections are important, whether local, state or national. On Nov. 5, several municipalities have candidate elections.

In Flat Rock, you might think it is these three against those three. Much more is at stake. Voting for Tom Carpenter, Anne Coletta and David Dethero will protect not just the village of Flat Rock but the very principle of separation of church and state, something most citizens believe in.

There is a church at the corner of Greenville Highway and Highland Lake Road — my church. The church was founded almost 40 years ago by people who gave their time, talents and tithes to God, who saw it to fruition.

This church and land have been consecrated to the service of God and to serving the people of this community then, now and in the future. Dozens of mature trees along the road beautify the village as well as buffer sound during worship service. All of them will be killed if the present plan goes through.

Please vote for Carpenter, Coletta and Dethero so they will protect the church from the state taking this land from us.

Barbara Hughes, Flat Rock

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  1. No road has ever been–or ever will be–built that does not impact SOMEONE’S property in ways they don’t like. When the plan is changed to avoid harming one person or group you can be certain someone else will be angry. This is unavoidable–unless ways are found to prevent local population increase and to eliminate tourists and other travelers from using our roads.


  2. @C. Freeman,

    The problem with your thesis is the Flat Rock Village Council gave their word to this particular church and assured the church that the project would not move forward without their blessings.

    Then the Council reneged on their word.

    As for your last sentence….in this case — if you don’t build it, they won’t come.

    Chris Hughes (no relation to the author)


    1. I did not know the FR Village Council had given the church their word about this, and I’m a little surprised that they have the authority to promise it.

      Although I was replying to the post about the church issue, my comments are directed to the issue of new roads and road modifications in general, of which Highland Lake Road is only one of many roads and highways in our area.

      I doubt that the statement “if you don’t build it, they won’t come” would be received positively by many (any?) of the businesses in town that count on tourism as a source of income.

      I also doubt that not widening Highland Lake Road would do anything to reduce the current and increasing traffic congestion and very unsafe conditions on this road.


      1. Hi C. Freeman,

        (responses by paragraph)

        (i) They did so…and they do.

        (ii) Outside of the occasional repaving there is no need for “new roads and road modifications in general” in Flat Rock. It ain’t broken, don’t fix it.

        (iii) Flat Rock isn’t a “business” district — it is a rural residential village. I will guarantee you Mr. Peace would be mortified at what might take place if this project is allowed to proceed. Did you know Mr. Peace? He was a bit crotchety but you would have loved him!

        That said, a current council member is conflicted on the issue because she is party to two different businesses which would benefit by Flat Rock being over-run by tourists. Many feel she should recuse herself from the decision making process. (and ethically speaking, she should)

        (iv) There is absolutely nothing unsafe about Highland Lake Road as it is currently configured. If you need to be educated on the issue please attend one of the information sessions currently being conducted by CLG: Flat Rock….I promise you it will be worth your time.



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