T-N letter to the editor: Healthy democracy

From the Times-News letters to the editor:

Healthy democracy

Contrary to Flat Rock Council Member John Dockendorf’s feelings, having a difference of opinion is not partisanship — it’s a sign of a healthy democracy to offer voters a choice.

The Cultural Landscape Group is an advocacy organization whose mission is to preserve the cultural landscape of Flat Rock in a way that reflects the character and history of the area. We take this mission seriously and have worked hard to educate the Flat Rock community on various potential road projects in the village, especially the North Highland Lake Road project. We provide access to NCDOT documents, including project plans, on our website, CLGflatrock.org, so the public can review primary source material to make informed decisions.

Given that NCDOT gave the North Highland Lake Road project a priority value of “0,” has rated the road as safe and has said that this project does not upgrade how the roadway functions, CLG considers this an unnecessary project that will cause an increase in traffic speed, cut down a number of trees, negatively impact the park, take private property for a nonessential use, and ruin a scenic gateway into our historic village.

Stephanie Dunn, CLG vice president, Flat Rock

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  1. In contemporary America it’s become commonplace that healthy political debate is stifled by spewing vindictive rhetoric at those whose opinions are not acceptable. It’s evident locally, statewide and countrywide. All we have to do is observe the bureaucrats in Washington D.C. to see who sets the imperious demeanor.


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