Hendersonville Lightning: Anti-road widening slate wins control of village council

From this week’s Hendersonville Lightning:

. . . Using an unprecedented war chest for a Flat Rock election and issuing a yard sign warning that “You don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone,” [Anne] Coletta, Tom Carpenter and David Dethero easily won the three Village Council seats on the ballot over incumbent Ginger Brown, Barbara Platz and Hilton Swing. Along with Nick Weedman, who won the mayor’s seat with no opposition, the anti-road faction won a 4-3 majority on the council.

The outcome was forecast early when the Cultural Landscape Group slate took a commanding lead over Brown, Platz and Swing. Carpenter and Coletta led with 58 percent of the vote and Dethero led with 60 percent in the heavy pre-Election Day voting. Although their lead shrank with Election Day voting, the three candidates went on to victory. Carpenter won with 54.8% of the vote, Coletta with 53.5% and Dethero with 56 percent of the vote.

“We’re very excited,” Coletta said Tuesday night. “I think it was a reflection on the bigger picture of the direction of the Village for the future. We are very excited and ready to get down to work.”

Transparency and involving more people in the village business, a “more business-like fiscally responsible budget process” and “the whole process of working with the DOT” are also priorities. The Highland Lake Road project “is something we ran on and something we need to discuss.”

“I think that for Flat Rock this was the first time there has been this type of campaign,” she added. “We had a very interested and involved voter base and it was wonderful that we had so many people come out to vote on both sides in this election.”. . . Continue reading

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