New council takes action on N. Highland Lake Road project

At today’s Flat Rock village council meeting, the mayor and three new council members were sworn in and took their seats. The council then voted 4-3 to request that the NC Board of Transportation cancel the N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT project no. U-5887). This request must now go before the French Broad River MPO and the NC Board of Transportation in order to become final, but the first step has been taken.

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  1. Recently CONSIDERABLE money was spent on the purchase and development of The Park in Flat Rock on Highland Lake Rd. The Park is enjoyed by scores of people with their pets and children from both our local area and many groups north and south of us who are bused to the area. Who knows how much money some people might be spending in our area after their outings?? My family/friends/visitors enjoy walking and playing in the park and MY TAXES WENT UP BY ALMOST 5O%!!!!! NOW they want to take BACK some of the property via eminent domain to straighten a windy, HISTORIC local road to accommodate huge transport/construction/etc., trucks/vans/buses,..creating increased traffic, noise, pollution and likelihood of more accidents on a road with a “0” rating of accidents now, according to the DOT. Not to mention removing scores of trees that are currently associated to the meaning of the Historic Flat Rock! And the high traffic/business area lies on the city of Hendersonville end of the road which surveyors have determined is a considerably short portion of the entire road! SO WHY this proposal at all???? My husband and I are not able to vote in the Hendersonville elections but volunteering to lobby for the removal of Mayor Volk is a major consideration. Think of some better place or program or group on whom to spend the money…better yet, maybe save it for a while. Now that’s a novel idea. We support denial of this proposal, Mary and Jeff Stoehr, residents of Flat Rock.


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