Bike/ped feasibility study

In 2018, the Village of Flat Rock received a grant from NCDOT to look at the feasibility of a bike/ped path connecting the Park at Flat Rock with the Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site. The final draft report of that study has been completed and is available for review.

Final presentation of the report to the village council in a public meeting is on hold until the COVID-19 emergency has been declared over. We’ll keep you posted!

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  1. I tried to read the whole thing, but gave up after a while. (The consultant must have charged by the word.) Never did get to their recommendations, if any, and a range I’d costs. Sounds like the ball is in the Council’s court.

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  2. Open letter to the Honorable Mayor Weedman and the Village Council:

    Please thank the committee, made up predominantly of consultants and officials, for their hard work.
    Then make a motion to file this plan along with the 2019 bike plan study under “R” – for rejected.

    Until someone can explain to me WHY we need to connect the Park with Sandburg, I will NEVER support this boondoggle of a plan.

    Tourism; we have enough.
    Support local businesses, that is the job of local business.
    Increase tax base? This will cost F.R. plenty, with no return on investment.

    What are these people thinking? Its clearly a “sales job”.
    “connecting history, connecting people” sounds like a slogan straight out of the 2020 campaigns!

    I’m really getting tired of this nonsensical propaganda getting shoved down our gullets.
    I call for the council of the Village of Flat Rock to place a moratorium on all grants and studies.

    The Comprehensive Land Use Plan MUST be fixed.
    Page 16 must be removed, and the vastly over stated population projections corrected.
    The NHLR project specifications are still not resolved.
    The sign ordinance continues to be a political ping pong ball. Set a date certain and wrap it up.

    Until these things are done, absolutely NO discussion of future fundamental transformation of our Village should be considered.

    Victor Behoriam
    Little River Rd


  3. Victor hit the nail on the head right down the line.
    I was on the Greenways Committee when this idea to connect Sandburg with the Park came up. A number of possibilities were considered. The one going down the Memminger Creek was being pushed by Park Superintendent Brandyburg (a member of the committee.) It was the historic Jerusalem Trail, and it was already being used by walkers—even though not authorized. The second one was to put a walkway down West Blue Ridge to Highland Park Road, Don Farr and Ed Lastein investigated it: Too expensive and logistically difficult. The third was through Bonclarken and Highland Lake property.. Bonclarken nixed it immediately.
    Absolutely, get rid of those bike paths in Flat Rock. All of that was being pushed by the Bicycle Club. One of their members came to a Greenways meeting with a stack of handouts one inch thick. I saw right through it. That’s what we want, so you should too, because it’s good for you.
    Special interests will destroy a community like Flat Rock. And drain our coffers dry.
    Theodore Etherington


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