Hendersonville Lightning: Village Council boots new park entrance

From the Hendersonville Lightning:

The Flat Rock Village Council has scrapped the idea of a new entrance to the Park at Flat Rock for now, agreeing to evaluate traffic patterns and sightlines when the NCDOT completes the Highland Lake Road project. . .

“In my mind [the driveway cut] is way too close to all the existing roads,” [council member Anne] Coletta said of the proposed curb cut. “With all the traffic coming faster over the railroad tracks, since the grade is going to be eased, you’re going to have a lot of turning happening in a very, very small area. DOT has said putting in a curb cut is a relatively inexpensive proposition and it does not affect their work at all whether they do this or don’t do this.”

The turn lanes, smoothed out railroad tracks — which now slow traffic — and other factors will change traffic behavior in ways that are unknowable, she said. . .

The council voted unanimously to delay the curb cut for now but to commit to revisiting the idea when the road project is done and when the village has the money to build a new entrance.

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  1. This decision again begs the question: “What’s wrong with the original proposal to turn the intersection of N. Highland Lake Road and Highland Park Road into a roundabout?“ Oh, horrors! That was on the site plan first presented to the Council when it was considering the purchase of the former golf course. The roundabout would include a stem opposite Highland Park for a new road into the Park. It makes infinite sense and solves several problems. Since those early days, there is now a smooth functioning roundabout less than a mile away on Greenville Highway. Hopefully it is proving that this traffic management solution used around the world is not the work of the devil.


  2. Speaking of that roundabout. When is the City of Hendersonville, the NCDOT, and/or Mud Creek Baptist Church going to plant some trees there? It looks like a ramp on an interstate!
    Theodore Etherington


  3. Sounds well thought out to me. If it is done, it would be better to have it not part of 4 other turning opportunities in less than a very short distance (the Golf Villas entrance, Dale’s, Highland Park and Highland Lake Dr). Unfortunately, I don’t think this move, is going to save the tree and stone work at the Golf Villas road. I heard that the widening it still going to destroy them. Yes?


  4. @Ron Redman,

    I never ever had a single issue traversing that part of the road prior to the roundabout…

    …at least not until the construction started and the road was closed, and then remained closed due to an unmet deadline, and then remained closed due to an unmet deadline, and further remained closed due to another unmet deadline…

    …rinse & repeat.

    Nobody in Flat Rock (that I know) has a problem with the concept of a roundabout (this I suspect you know)…

    …the problem is the destroying of beautiful surrounds for a road project that is completely unnecessary.

    I’ve been pictorially documenting the “progress” (or should I say, lack thereof) of the roundabout all along and it remains a complete eyesore and blight on the landscape to this day — it’s a pitiful project and and an embarrassment. Think I might start a twitter account to tweet about it some.

    Here’s a recap I posted previously…

    …given the NCDOT’s general ineptitude and obvious lack of funding if the Highland Lake project were allowed ot proceed it might NEVER end!


    July 17, 2019 = promised start date for detour.

    October 17, 2019 = promised detour end date #1. (92 days…even though “90 days” was published time frame)

    October 22, 2019 = promised detour end date #2. (97 days)

    November 7, 2019 = promised detour end date #3. (112 days)

    November 14, 2019 = logical detour end date. (120 days…always add 33% to any project of this nature)

    January 7, 2020 = detour end date #4? (173 days)

    End date #4 doesn’t appear to be confirmed by any publicly available/official sources but if accurate it would imply an 81-day whiff vs. original estimates….or 88% longer than promised for those of you keeping score at home. Of note, that’s not the time-frame for a completed project, but rather the purported end of the detour.

    Imagine these same delays if the Highland Lake Road were allowed to proceed!

    The promised time-frame was “18 to 24 months” and projected to start at end-2020 or start-2021. To be fair, assume the middle of the range at 21-months and then layer on an 88% delay — implies 40 months. This would be optimistic because the HLR project is more complex than the Erkwood/Shepherd roundabout….

    ….it’s conceivable the HLR/Greenville HW intersection could be closed for close to 4-years.

    The impact of this on certain long-tenured businesses in Flat Rock would be devastating….

    ….maybe one day they’ll realize what a great favor has been bestowed upon them if the completely unnecessary and ill-advised HLR project is cancelled.


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