Hendersonville Lightning: NCDOT seeks to delay $292 million in road projects in Henderson County

Unfortunately, the N. Highland Lake Road project seems to be one of the few not delayed.

From the Lightning:

“Nearly all the major state highway projects scheduled for construction in Henderson County would be postponed — some for years — under a recommendation the cash-strapped NCDOT has sent to regional planning agencies.

The project delays are part of the transportation agency’s response to a cash crisis that had already frozen most projects across the state, led to layoffs and furloughs and reduced money for routine maintenance and repairs.

The proposal would postpone 13 major projects and $292 million worth of right-of-way and construction costs in Henderson County. The delays range from relatively short — the $91 million four-laning of N.C. 191 from Mountain Road to N.C. 280 would be postponed just one year, to 2024 — to long — the much-contested Kanuga Road widening from Church Street to Little River Road would be pushed from 2024 to beyond 2029.

The I-26 widening from Four Seasons Boulevard to the U.S. 25 Connector (5 miles), an $80 million job that completes the six-laning project in Henderson County, would be pushed off the current state transportation plan, into the 2030s. The Highland Lake Road project in Flat Rock is one of the new projects not significantly postponed. The project, which is now opposed by a majority of the Village Council, is scheduled to start next spring, only a few months later than its original date. . .”

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  1. As I recall, the N. Highland Lake Road project is to be funded by the sale of bonds. I don’t know if that sale has concluded or what the status is. Therefore, monies aren’t being taken out of the general DOT funds–which are flat. I believe that’s the difference.


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