Update on the N. Highland Lake Road project (U-5887)

Time is drawing close for the N. Highland Lake Road project to begin. Without the support of the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) Board, the Flat Rock Village Council was unable to get the N. Highland Lake Road project cancelled. Here are some updates on the construction timeline and project cost:

  • Construction timeline:
    • NCDOT to let the project on February 23, 2021 (to let means to award the project contract on that date)
    • Actual construction to begin three to four months from the let date
  • First action: Removal of trees along the road and at Pinecrest Presbyterian Church so that Duke Energy can relocate utilities before actual road construction starts
  • Current estimated cost: $6.31 Million (up significantly from original estimate of $2.6 Million)
  • Project plans available for view online
  • Modifications presented by the council in March 2020 to NCDOT have been incorporated into the project plans. According to the council, these modifications were made to mitigate as much as possible:
    • Damage to the environment and the scenic entrance into the Village
    • Impact on private property owners
    • Incursion into the Park at Flat Rock

NCDOT has recently notified Pinecrest Presbyterian Church that they have taken highway condemnation action against the Church for church property connected to the road project. 

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