T-N letter to the editor: Elected officials let public down

From the June 25 Times-News:

Elected officials let public down

To the Editor: The North Highland Lake Road project in Flat Rock has been the poster child for the malpractice of governance from Day One. It began as a fever dream among some members of the previous village council who — despite opposition from a majority of village residents — arrogantly forged ahead.

Happily, democracy prevailed and they were rejected at the polls at the next election. Unfortunately, the fetid fruits of their actions are now ripening.

As if an increase of 265% in the project’s cost was not insult enough, the tranquility of our village will be disrupted for at least the next two years by detours, gridlock, and the sounds of heavy equipment.

Regardless of the cheery press release from the district 14 engineer proclaiming this project will usher in nirvana, NCDOT’s own metrics for road safety do not justify this 1.1 mile gold-plated extravaganza. Meanwhile, numerous area roads are no better than those in a Third World country. The new village council tried to honor the will of the people, but our county commissioners and two regional transportation bodies sat on their hands rather than work to reprogram these hard-earned taxpayer dollars to better serve everyone. Shame on all these so-called servants of the people.

Ron Redmon, Flat Rock

4 thoughts on “T-N letter to the editor: Elected officials let public down

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  1. All this costly disruption because a few people want to get from Greenville Hwy, to Spartanburg Hwy and visa versa 10 seconds faster. We have met the enemy and they is us.


  2. Excellent letter from Ron Redmond. The sad part is, at least one of the council member’s which resigned from office, could have prevented NCDOT from pursuing the road project. Shame on those that voted in favor of the destruction of North Highland Lake.


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