Hendersonville Lightning: Landowner appeals denial of permit for Crab Creek self-storage units

From the Lightning:

“Homeowners’ fight to prevent construction of a 1,000-unit self-storage facility in Crab Creek is not over yet.

The landowner seeking permission to build the warehouses on 9½ acres on Crab Creek Road filed an appeal on Oct. 28 of the decision by the Henderson County Zoning of Adjustment to deny a permit. . .

The Zoning Board of Adjustment on Sept. 15 voted 5-0 to deny a special-use permit to allow the development in a medium-density residential zone after hearing more than 11 hours of testimony and argument over three nights.

In an order and findings of fact it adopted on Sept. 29, the zoning board cited the opponents’ expert witnesses and evidence that the self-storage warehouses would harm the community because of traffic, stormwater runoff, fire and emergency access and property depreciation. . .

An appeal of a Zoning Board of Adjustment decision goes to the Henderson County Civil Superior Court and could be appealed to the state Court of Appeals. . .

The rezoning request became a catalyst for Crab Creek residents to organize for a larger battle. Neighbors have become active in attending public meetings and giving input as Henderson County planners begin to draft a 2045 comprehensive land-use plan and they view the storage-unit threat as a warning flag for the future. . .”

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