Village Comprehensive Land Use Plan review

The Village Comprehensive Land Use Plan (CLUP) draft is available on the village website here for public review. Please take a look and send any comments to Council Member Susan Gregory at by May 4.

The 2013 Village CLUP has been undergoing review by the Village Planning Board for revisions and needed updates. The Board presented their recommendations in a draft document to the Village Council earlier this year and the Council is in the processing of going through that document. The Council will be discussing this at the April 14 Village Council meeting, with a legislative hearing and vote on the final plan at the May 12 Council meeting.

Required by the State of North Carolina under General Statute 160D-501, a municipality’s comprehensive land use plan serves as a guide for that municipality’s government as it considers future land use decisions. Advisory in nature, the CLUP reflects the community’s vision and helps direct the focus of statutory requirements, like the Land Development Ordinance.

The Village CLUP is a resource for Flat Rock residents, future residents, and for those who may be considering property development within the village. It covers six main areas: 

  • Land Use
  • Open Space and Recreation
  • Preservation
  • Transportation
  • Coordination with Contracted Utilities and Waste Providers
  • Intergovernmental Coordination

According to the UNC School of Government, a reasonable time frame for updating a comprehensive land use plan is every five to ten years, so at eight years, it looks like this review is right on schedule.

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