Hendersonville Lightning: Brookdale residents raise concerns about 185-unit apartment complex

From the Hendersonville Lightning:

Homeowners living in Brookdale and other adjacent neighborhoods raised concerns about traffic, flooding, the loss of trees, noise and light pollution and cut-through traffic on Wednesday when a developer presented plans for 185 apartments on Greenville Highway.

Lock7 Development, a developer of apartment and condo projects in the Washington, D.C., area and in North Carolina, is seeking a rezoning in order to build five three-story apartment buildings, plus a pool and clubhouse on 6.8 acres south of Brookdale Avenue.

Developer Eric Mioduski told the crowd of 38 people that the apartment complex would provide walking trails, green space and other amenities. He said he is working with the city on making some of the units affordable, although he did not currently have a projected monthly rent. By putting parking under roughly half the units, designers will be able to save more trees as a buffer between the complex and neighboring homes. . .

Although city code requires one parking space per unit, the developer plans to provide 1.2 spaces per unit. Residents doubted that would work, saying most apartments would have at least two occupants, each with a car.

Residents of Brookdale, Appledore Drive and other nearby neighborhoods all said flooding is a recurring problem now and that they feared covering most of a seven-acre tract with rooftop and pavement would make it worse. . .

2 thoughts on “Hendersonville Lightning: Brookdale residents raise concerns about 185-unit apartment complex

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  1. If this apartment complex gets built, others will follow. Out-of-state developers with deep pockets only want to make a profit. I hope residents fight the proposed plan. This development will greatly impact traffic and density, forever changing the area.


  2. I agree with the comments in the article and am particularly concerned with the increase in traffic. Then come another attack by DOT.


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