Upcoming City Meeting: 1202 Greenville Hwy Proposed Development Information

Received via email:

“As posted on the property, there is a City of Hendersonville Planning Board Meeting and public comment next Thursday, Feb. 9, 2023. Public Comment is crucial for the record and influencing the decision regarding this proposal for Conditional Rezoning. Please attend this meeting whether in person or via Zoom. You can find more details here

Tentatively, the next big city meeting after next week’s Planning Board Meeting is the City Council Meeting with Public Comment on Thursday, March 2, 2023. Please attend this meeting whether in person or via Zoom. Please note that meetings can run long and the public comment/ hearing for this propsal decision may take hours before reviewed on the evening’s agenda. You can find more details at this meeting below these paragraphs. 

Outside of the 1202 Greenville Hwy Rezoing prosess – There is an upcoming City Council Meeting this week. Though this proposed 1202 Greenville Hwy development is NOT on the agenda for discussion or review, there is a general public comment period at the start of the meeting (5:45 p.m.) where you can express your concerns on the record in advance of the Planning Board decision and March’s City Council Meeting/ Proposal Review. Here is the link for meeting information.”

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