N. Highland Lake Road project update

If you’ve been wondering about what’s been happening on the N. Highland Lake Road project, you’re not alone. Here’s what we know at this time:

  • The current estimated cost for the project is now $9.97M (up from the original estimate of $2.62M).
  • The contractor for the project has been (and still is) working on other projects in Transylvania County. He has also submitted a formal claim to NCDOT that the delay on the N. Highland Lake Road project is due to unavailability of material.
  • The NCDOT Construction Unit in Raleigh, along with the local NCDOT office, is reviewing his claim for validity.
  • The claim review/resolution process involves a number of steps and there is no set date yet for when that will be completed or when construction on the project might start.
  • The current contract includes what is called a “substantial completion date” of October 2023 (and a total completion date of March 2024). Depending on the claim finding by NCDOT, the contractor could be liable for damages or if needed, NCDOT could extend the contractual due date with no contractor liability.

2 thoughts on “N. Highland Lake Road project update

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  1. Since widening the road is not needed – let’s forget the whole thing and – how about resurfacing pothole riddled roads.


  2. Road “contractors” go broke on a regular basis…

    …no disrespect intended but this contractor sounds like they are in trouble and in my estimation the odds of this project being completed by March/2024 are exactly nil, nada, none, z-e-r-o %.

    In fact, given the current “administration” it is highly likely this project is one that will ultimately be abandoned…

    …please Lord!!!


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