Hendersonville Lightning: Investor buys Kenmure Country Club plus lots

From the Hendersonville Lightning:

. . . Kenmure was developed starting in 1980s by King and three UNC basketball coaches — two of whom would turn out to have Hall of Fame coaching careers. The investors were Dean Smith and Roy Williams and Eddie Fogler, plus “their finance guy, Bill Miller,” King said. King’s connection to the Tar Heels was Williams, the Asheville native whom King had known since he coached at Owen High School, before joining Coach Smith’s staff.

Schorr paid a total of $10.8 million for 244 acres, according to land records, including $6,725,000 for the 22,700-square-foot clubhouse and 160-acre golf course and $4,075,000 for 84 acres of vacant land.

Schorr said in the Lightning interview that he invests primarily in apartment complexes across the South with dwellings ranging in rental rates from workforce housing to class A high end units. The family created four LLCs to buy the Kenmure property and land; they’ve formed 41 LLCs in North Carolina since 2015, corporate records show. Among the parcels he now owns is a 60-acre tract south of Pinnacle Mountain Road that had become something of an unwanted stepchild in the high-end Flat Rock subdivision. Kenmure homeowners twice voted down King’s efforts to bring the Green River Fire District land into Kenmure. . .

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