Roundabout open!

Just got word that the Greenville Highway roundabout detour has been removed! Just a reminder that there will still be work in the area of Shepherd and Erkwood on Greenville Highway until at least June 2020, so please be careful driving in the area.

Update on roundabout detour: NCDOT is looking at having NC 225 (Greenville Highway) opened back up and the detour removed by next Friday, December 20, weather permitting.

Roundabout detour update

The detour around the Greenville Highway/Erkwood Drive/Shepherd Street roundabout construction will remain in place at least until the end of the year. Problems with underground sewer lines have created delays on the roundabout project. While we hope the detour goes away by the new year, the entire project is not scheduled to be completed until... Continue Reading →

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