Series on project impact

The N. Highland Lake Road project (STIP project no. U-5887) was not initiated by NCDOT and the Flat Rock village council has the power to stop it. Sign our online petition asking the Flat Rock village council to cancel this project.

Our earlier series on the impact based on NCDOT’s October 2017 plan is listed below. With a modified plan presented by NCDOT on April 13, 2018, we reviewed the project again based on the new plans:

Modified road plans

  • More concerned than ever: CLG letter to the Flat Rock village council outlining our concerns about the overall impact of the road project
  • The church (part 1): impact on Pinecrest Presbyterian Church on the north side and an historic property with preservation easements on the south side
  • The creek (part 2): impact on the area in front of Highland Lake dam, including replacing pipes with concrete culvert, disrupting the environment, and damaging/eliminating mature trees
  • The connection (part 3): impact on The Park at Flat Rock, creating 24/7 open access
  •  The curve (part 4): impact on dampening curve and adding left turn lanes
  • Three little houses (part 5): impact on three modest residences east of the railroad tracks, with loss of trees, privacy, and property
  • The curb cut (part 6): impact on the park entrance and Dale’s Automotive


This nine-part series shows the impact of the road project section by section, beginning at the east end (Spartanburg Highway) and moving west to end at Greenville Highway. This review of the project is based on NCDOT’s October 2017 project plans.

  • Part 1: impact on two businesses, Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital and ProScape
  • Part 2: impact on Dale’s Automotive and several single-family homes
  • Part 3: impact on the road configuration, The Park at Flat Rock, and historic landscape
  • Part 4: impact on several historic homes, their access, and creation of retaining wall
  • Part 5: impact on the Dam House (1893), its driveway, and creation of multiple retaining walls
  • Part 6: impact on the Elliott House (c. 1877), its property, and possible retaining wall
  • Part 7: impact on The Park at Flat Rock
  • Part 8: impact on Pinecrest Presbyterian Church, ARP
  • Part 9: overall impact


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