Will N. Highland Lake Road be widened?

If the N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT project U-5887) is done, yes, the road overall will be wider. Each lane will remain 11 feet, but the overall roadbed is being widened, significantly in places. Right now the roadbed is 22 ft overall in Flat Rock (west of the railroad tracks) with the exception of the... Continue Reading →

A response by Anne Coletta, CLG president, in today's Times-News: Flat Rock Village Council Member Albert Gooch, in his Oct 13 op-ed, “Coletta is costing village’s taxpayers,” wrote that the Cultural Landscape Group (CLG) was silent about alerting the village council to our concerns about the constitutionality of the village’s sign control ordinance and that... Continue Reading →

From today's Times-News letters-to-the-editor: Rebuttal to John Dockendorf To the editor: Over $3,000,000 — that is how many of your tax dollars Councilman John Dockendorf is willing spend for a path to nowhere. John compares No Highland Lake Road to I-26, but there is no comparison. In several meetings with Flat Rock Village Council members,... Continue Reading →

Erkwood/Shepherd roundabout update

Just heard from NCDOT that Greenville Highway at the Erkwood/Shepherd roundabout will not re-open until mid-November due to recently discovered problems with a sewer line at that location. So we have the detour for a few more weeks.

From the Times-News: Hendersonville City Council offered no input Thursday regarding three roundabouts proposed for the south side of the city, instead requesting more information before making a decision. Engineers from the N.C. Department of Transportation attended the council’s evening meeting to gather input on three roundabouts proposed along South Main Street, Kanuga Road and... Continue Reading →

NCDOT works to shore up Rutledge Drive

Rutledge Drive is still a road that requires a slow speed, but thanks to NCDOT Henderson County Maintenance, the shoulders have been reinforced with added fill to help mitigate any drop-off. There has been so much extra traffic using the road as a detour around the Erkwood/Shepherd roundabout that the roadbed edges have taken a beating,... Continue Reading →

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