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The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is the governing state agency for transportation decisions involving public roadways. But they are not the only ones that have influence on transportation decisions or create transportation plans. Other entities involved in our area are the French Broad River MPO, the Henderson County TAC, and local governments.

What is an MPO?

The Village of Flat Rock and Henderson County are part of the French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (FBRMPO). MPOs are part of a federal process to conduct regional transportation planning in urbanized areas with populations over 50,000. The FBRMPO is one of 17 MPOs in North Carolina and serves the urbanized areas of Buncombe, Haywood, Henderson, Madison, and Transylvania counties. It is the federally-required transportation planning agency charged with conducting a comprehensive transportation planning process for the region. Learn more about how the FBRMPO works here.

The MPO is a partnership between local and state governments that results in decisions about transportation planning and meets planning requirements established by federal authorizing legislation for transportation funding. Although MPOs are federally authorized and must meet federal requirements, they are not a local government, state agency, or the federal government. MPOs are charged with developing long-range transportation plans and setting priorities for transportation improvements. The implementation and construction of projects is the direct responsibility of state and local partners.

What are transportation plans?

On the state level, North Carolina operates under the NCDOT 2040 Plan: North Carolina Statewide Transportation Plan (August 2012), a blueprint that sets investment and policy priorities for North Carolina’s transportation system until 2040. It identifies transportation needs, estimated revenue to fund those needs, and investment strategies and policies supporting them. The plan focuses on policies and programs for all transportation modes.

On the regional level, the FBRMPO operates under several different, but related types of transportation plans:

  1. Comprehensive Transportation Plan (CTP)  (final report Jan 18, 2008) is “need-based” and long term. It shows all transportation activities for new and expanded roads, transit services, bicycle and pedestrian facilities and related activities needed to meet the needs of the region over 30 plus years. The CTP is not fiscally constrained and does not have a defined timeframe in which those facilities and services would be provided. Projects in the CTP only have to demonstrate that they address a specific problem and that there is a valid purpose and need.
  2. Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP) 2040 (last updated Sept 24, 2015) is “fiscally constrained.” It shows the new and expanded roads, transit services, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, and related transportation activities that can be paid for and built by the year 2040. It replaces the Long Range Transportation Plan (LRTP) 2035.
  3. Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) 2018 – 2027 is “short-term fiscally constrained.” It is a ten-year implementation plan of projects developed for metropolitan areas that use state and federal funding. This is a list of projects divided into two time horizons: 1) projects slated for construction in the first five years of the MTP; and 2) developmental projects that are beginning study and environmental assessment.

Strategic Transportation Prioritization (SPOT)

A strategic, data-driven process to develop the State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The NCDOT is currently operating under SPOT 4.0 and moving into SPOT 5.0 (here is the draft SPOT 5.0 submittal list).

Henderson County Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC), made up of local government officials, county planning staff, and NCDOT representatives, advises the county board of commissioners and the FBRMPO on matters related to transportation in Henderson County. The TAC also works with the FBRMPO and the NCDOT on projects including long-range transportation planning, major and minor street / road improvement projects, road and bridge safety, public transportation, and other forms of transportation. Also, see information on Henderson County transportation planning.

French Broad River MPO Congestion Management Process (adopted Nov 18, 2010)

French Broad River MPO bicycle and pedestrian planning

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