Who to contact

Please use the contact information below if you’re interested in making your views known to local officials, elected representatives, and regional and state agencies. If you have any questions, please email us at CLGFlatRock@gmail.com. Information from the UNC School of Government on North Carolina public records right of access can be found here.

Flat Rock Village Council

Sending email to each council member is the most effective way to contact the village council.

110 Village Center Drive, Post Office Box 1288
Flat Rock NC 28731
Phone: 828.697.8100
Fax: 828.697.8461

Bob Staton, mayor: 828.696.4020 / mayor@villageofflatrock.org
Nick Weedman, vice mayor (district 1): 828.693.5300 / nickweedman@villageofflatrock.org
Sheryl Jamerson (district 1): 828.698.3330 / sheryljamerson@villageofflatrock.org
Paige Posey (district 2): paigeposey@villageofflatrock.org
Ginger Brown (district 2): 828.698.3465 / gingerbrown@villageofflatrock.org
John Dockendorf (district 3): 828.606.1991 / johndockendorf@villageofflatrock.org
Albert Gooch (district 3): 828.698.0045 / albertgooch@villageofflatrock.org

Henderson County NC Board of Commissioners

1 Historic Courthouse Square, Suite 1
Hendersonville NC 28792
Phone: 828.697.4808
Fax: 828.692.9855

Michael Edney, chairman (district 1, includes Flat Rock): jmedney@hendersoncountync.org
Grady Hawkins, vice chairman (district 5): ghawkins@hendersoncountync.org
William Lapsley (district 3): wlapsley@hendersoncountync.org
Charlie Messer (district 2): cmesser@hendersoncountync.org
Tommy Thompson (district 4): tthompson@hendersoncountync.org

French Broad River Metropolitan Planning Organization (FBRMPO)

339 New Leicester Highway, Suite 140
Asheville NC 28806
Lyuba Zuyeva, director
Council member John Dockendorf is the board representative for the Village of Flat Rock.
County commissioner William Lapsley is the board representative for Henderson County and was elected chairman of the FBRMPO on September 28, 2017.

North Carolina General Assembly

NC Representative, district 113 (includes Flat Rock): Cody Henson
NC House of Representatives
300 North Salisbury St, Room 537
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925
PO Box 1626
Brevard NC 28712
Legislative Asst: Megan Kluttz

NC Representative, district 117: Chuck McGrady
NC House of Representatives
300 North Salisbury St, Room 304
Raleigh, NC 27603-5925
PO Box 723
Hendersonville, NC 28793
Legislative Asst: Kimberly Neptune
Member of the House Transportation Committee, former Flat Rock council member

NC Senator, district 48: Chuck Edwards
NC Senate
16 West Jones Street, Room 2115
Raleigh, NC 27601-2808

U.S. House of Representatives

U.S. Congressman (NC district 11): Mark Meadows
1024 Longworth HOB
Washington, DC 20515
Phone: 202.225.6401
Fax: 202.226.6422
Henderson County Court House
200 North Grove St, Suite 90
Hendersonville, NC 28792
Phone: 828.693.5660
Fax: 828.693.5603

NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT)

NC Board of Transportation member (division 14, includes Henderson County): Jack Debnam
PO Box 462
Dillsboro, NC 28725

NC Board of Transportation chairman (division 7): Michael S. Fox
3710 Hazel Lane
Greensboro, NC 27408

Secretary of Transportation: James H. Trogdon, III
1501 Mail Service Center
Raleigh, NC 27699-1501
Phone: 919.707.2800
Fax: 919.733.9150
Executive Assistant: Tracey C. Jackson

NCDOT division engineer (highway division 14): Brian C. Burch, P.E.
253 Webster Road
Sylva, NC 28779
Office: 828.586.2141
Mobile: 828.226.1777
Fax: 828.586.4043

NCDOT division planning engineer (highway division 14): Jonathan Woodard
253 Webster Road
Sylva, NC 28779
Phone: 828.631.1170
Fax: 828.586.4043

NCDOT consultant: Reece Schuler, P.E.
Vaughn & Melton
1800-E Associates Lane
Charlotte, NC 28217

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