Boyd Drive bridge [UPDATE]

Replacement of bridge no. 440318 over Memminger Creek on Boyd Drive (SR 1217): NCDOT TIP project no. 17BP.14.R.45

UPDATE: This project has been canceled. A statement from the Flat Rock Forest neighborhood:

“Boyd Drive Bridge Replacement Proposal by NCDOT has been canceled due to unrelenting public outcry

After several years of debate and contention, NCDOT has canceled the new bridge construction project (TIP project no. 17BP.14.R.45) slated for Boyd Drive. The Boyd Drive bridge (bridge no. 440318) over Memminger Creek will be placed in the state’s maintenance division for continued upkeep.

This bridge project originated no later than 2010 and was a point of great concern for the Flat Rock Forest neighborhood. The current bridge, sized in keeping with the neighborhood, has a footprint of 18 ft. x 20 ft.

All three proposals developed by NCDOT from 2015 to the present would have entailed a minimal footprint of 100 ft. x 60 to 80 ft. and 200 feet of guardrail. All of these proposals if developed would have included significant devastation of mature forest and infringement on a historic land easement granted to Historic Flat Rock, Inc. These proposals would also have increased neighborhood traffic and car speed, and were a risk to safety for pedestrians and children in a quiet 20-mph neighborhood.

If the project had proceeded, a new bridge would have cost the state taxpayers approximately $1M—for the development and construction of a bridge that would have changed the heart of Historic Flat Rock proper forever.

It cannot be stressed enough that it is WE THE CITIZENS who must STAND UP, SHOW UP, and MAKE OUR VOICES HEARD so as to have our opinions considered by governing bodies that are set in place to serve us and protect our unalienable rights. They cannot, and therefore will not, be able to consider our views otherwise.

We must also definitely engage when NCDOT is making proposals for any and all ‘improvements.’ They express a desire to hear from the public as ‘The State’ is ill-equipped to know just what really matters to us in our everyday lives and environment. If we do not make an effort to shape an outcome, then it is, effectively, a solid vote for ‘whatever’ comes along.

Boyd Bridge proposals were so overwhelmingly offensive because standard state policy (think I-26) will often be implemented if we do not intervene. We hope that you would prefer to be an important part of preserving what we have and enjoy! Shall we stand together, protect our our Historic Village, and strengthen our chance of preserving the characteristic Sense of Place that is Flat Rock? Let’s do! Please browse for ways you can participate in current concerns affecting our idyllic landscape.

And before we forget!: A very big THANK YOU to each and every one of the ‘neighborly citizens’ who stood up, showed up, and made their voices heard about the Boyd Drive bridge replacement! It takes a Village.”

Boyd Drive bridge_fromCreek_05

NCDOT bridge plans
NCDOT bridge project information handout

Media coverage:

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  1. Congratulations Flat Rock. Just goes to show that Government CAN work for the people..provided of course that the people exercise their influence.


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