From the Times-News: New roadwork To the editor: Kudos to Michael Beckerman and his great letter to the editor correctly depicting the nightmare that the construction of the roundabout is. It seems that everyone is shaking his or her head with great annoyance at the ridiculous amount of construction work being done. Certainly, it is... Continue Reading →

From the Hendersonville Lightning: . . . One part politician and two parts policy wonk, [Henderson County commissioner Bill] Lapsley has been rewarded by the state transportation secretary, who appointed him to a new commission to recommend how North Carolina can modernize its transportation investment strategy. Transportation Secretary Jim Trogdon announced last week that the... Continue Reading →

UPDATE: Greenville Highway (NC 225) is now scheduled to be closed at Erkwood Drive/Shepherd Street on April 13 (Saturday) at 7:00 A.M. for roundabout construction work.

From today's Times-News letters to the editor: Traffic circle I regularly drive past the construction site where Greenville Highway intersects with Erkwood Drive and Shepherd Street. Casual observation tells us that businesses are being disrupted, homeowners are being stripped of their privacy, enough land is being denuded to reforest the Great Plains, and enough money... Continue Reading →

NCDOT 25% plan

NCDOT has completed what they term a 25% plan for the N. Highland Lake Road project (U-5887). They anticipate having a 75% plan available this May, and a 90% plan available in May 2020.

Greenville Highway (NC 225) is closed at Erkwood Drive/Shepherd Street until Sunday, March 17, at 7:00 a.m. for roundabout construction work.

From today's Times-News: ". . . In the period 1992-95 [Bob] Demartini, as Chairman, led the successful campaign to incorporate the Village of Flat Rock, forestalling its annexation by Hendersonville providing it local control over matters that previously had been the County's prerogatives. . ." Continue reading

Roundabout project

We have added information on the Erkwood Dr/Shepherd St/Greenville Hwy roundabout project (NCDOT U-5105) online. While this project is not inside the Village of Flat Rock limits, its proximity to the village and its effect on Greenville Highway traffic have significant ramifications for our community.

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