NCDOT wants public input on the future of transportation in N.C., so from now until Nov. 30, residents can participate in an online survey and leave comments on an interactive map about the future transportation challenges across North Carolina and what should be the future focus of transportation in their regions.

Transportation officials from Division 14 — which covers the 10 western most counties — shared the revised design plans to improve Kanuga Road between Little River Road and Church Street with local officials after they asked NCDOT to revise initial plans presented in the summer of 2017. . . Continue reading

From NCDOT, maps showing the proposed changes for Kanuga Road (S.R. 1127) from U.S. 25 Business (Church Street) to Little River Road (S.R. 1123). Public meeting to be held from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Oct. 30 at the City of Hendersonville Operational Center (305 Williams Street). This project goes through areas of the... Continue Reading →

CLG member responds

Having just read The Village Record, the newsletter of our Flat Rock Village, I have an urge to weigh in. In the “From the Mayor’s Desk” section, Mayor Staton waxes poetically about the “beautiful mountains” and the “colors of our deciduous trees” that bring “delight to the local hoteliers, restauranteurs and other merchants whose livelihood... Continue Reading →

The graffiti continues - this is what Pinecrest Presbyterian Church may have to look forward to if they are forced to have a retaining wall on their property

W. Blue Ridge on schedule to open today

NCDOT crews are working on repairing W. Blue Ridge Road near the Mill House Lodge. The recent rainfall caused water to spill from Jordan Pond, and spread across and under the road, washing it away. The road should be open sometime this afternoon with a gravel bed. Complete repair work will be done soon.

Interested in learning about transportation projects that affect the Village of Flat Rock? Join the Cultural Landscape Group:Flat Rock, get the latest information, and get involved.

Hendersonville City Council offered no input Thursday regarding three roundabouts proposed for the south side of the city, instead requesting more information before making a decision. Engineers from the N.C. Department of Transportation attended the council’s evening meeting to gather input on three roundabouts proposed along South Main Street, Kanuga Road and Willow Road, part... Continue Reading →

Although the Hendersonville City Council expressed a desire on Thursday to minimize roundabouts' impact, three proposed traffic circles remain alive for Kanuga Road and the Main-Church-King streets intersection. The roundabouts are part of the NCDOT's recommended improvements to accommodate the projected traffic volume in the city’s South Gateway area through the year 2040. An NCDOT... Continue Reading →

NCDOT TO HOLD PUBLIC MEETING ON OCTOBER 30 REGARDING THE PROPOSED IMPROVEMENTS ON KANUGA ROAD (S.R. 1127) FROM U.S. 25 BUSINESS (CHURCH STREET) TO LITTLE RIVER ROAD (S.R. 1123) IN HENDERSONVILLE STIP Project No. R-5748 The N.C. Department of Transportation proposes improvements on Kanuga Road (S.R. 1127) from U.S. 25 Business (Church Street) to Little... Continue Reading →

Official notice of MPO public comment period

To the French Broad River MPO Board members, TCC members, interested citizens, stakeholders and media representatives: This email is to inform you that the French Broad River MPO is currently holding a public comment period for draft MPO local input points being assigned for Division Needs projects in our region which are competing for funding... Continue Reading →

SPOT 5.0 division needs prioritization

NCDOT and the French Broad River MPO are finalizing their SPOT 5.0 transportation projects at the division needs level. The division needs level covers primarily secondary roads, and selection of these projects is based on 50 percent data and 50 percent local input points. The MPO’s allocation of local input points on projects in the division... Continue Reading →

An improved process

In June, CLG and Pinecrest Presbyterian Church met with State Senator Chuck Edwards to talk about the N. Highland Lake Road project and the overall state of transportation issues in Henderson County. Sen. Edwards was interested in any specific suggestions CLG might have to improve the current STIP process, so we have submitted the following... Continue Reading →

Kanuga Road

The public meeting to see the revised plans for Kanuga Road will be held Tuesday, October 30, at 4:00 p.m. at the City of Hendersonville Operations Center (305 Williams Street).

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