Ch-ch-changes (part 2 of 9)

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The N. Highland Lake Road project (NCDOT U-5887) touches three different jurisdictions:

  • City of Hendersonville
  • Henderson County
  • Village of Flat Rock

The impact on Western Carolina Regional Animal Hospital and Pro-Scape was outlined in part 1. Part 2 looks at the impact on the south side of the road (Henderson County) before and after the railroad tracks, which includes several single family homes and Dale’s Automotive.

Single Family Homes: Three properties would be affected. This project would use all of the current right-of-way for sidewalks or paths, so NCDOT would extend its easements (for drainage, construction, and utilities) farther into those properties.SingleFamily_20180119

Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Remove frontage property.
  • Reduce size of the property. For two of the three lots, that would be a significant decrease as they are both currently only around 0.3 acres.

Dale’s Automotive: An auto service, auto repair shop. Dales_20180119

Effect of proposed changes would:

  • Remove frontage property.
  • Reduce storage area for cars.
  • Impact the shop’s ability to store cars overnight for service.
  • Impact cars entering and leaving with the addition of a cement median running in front of Dale’s. Cars will only be able to enter coming from the west, creating a potential loss of business as building becomes less accessible.
  • Impact the National Register of Historic Places boundary line, which begins on the western end of the property (shown as a white line with diamonds on the map). The historic boundary line as shown is not in the correct location—it actually runs down the middle of N. Highland Lake Road, not on the southern edge. NCDOT has been presented with the correct information.

On the map above:

  • Grey: existing roadway
  • Orange: existing roadway to be resurfaced
  • Yellow: proposed new roadway
  • Thick red line to the north of the road: multi-use path
  • Thin red line: curb and gutter
  • Light green: proposed new NCDOT right-of-way
  • Light green area with diagonal lines: proposed new NCDOT easement for drainage, construction, and utility systems
  • Dark green: existing right-of-way

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